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NutsCards is a basic greeting card application. This application allows visitors to send an "ecard" to anyone they wish. 

The recipient will be emailed a message that they have a card waiting for them at your site. hopefully this will add to the amount of traffic your site receives. 

To view a working example of this application click here.
NutsCards is simple to use. Just drop the entire directory into your site. There is minimal setup required. 

The first thing to do is make sure you have write permissions set to the database. 

Second, open the file conn.asp and make sure the path to the database is correct on line 4. 

Last, add your sites name on line 10 of conn.asp where it says YOURSITE. This will work almost right out of the box! 

There are 5 categories with one picture in each one.


Download the files.
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